The strength of ENICO is its highly qualified personnel.

Our expertise :

  • Surveys, Analysis & Risk Assessment & Hazards
  • Risks and Risk index Evaluation
  • Machine Operating Phases (Production, Settings, Release, Cleaning, Maintenance, Lockout, Emergency Stop & Re-start)
  • Deviations Report
  • Preventive and Reduction Analysis Report
  • Guards, Control Devices, Risk Reduction in Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering
  • Turnkey Systems Installation and Integration
  • Maintenance and Inspection Procedures
  • Lockout Procedures (zero energy)
  • Signaling
  • Working Method
  • Individual Protecting Devices
  • Theoretical and Practice Training
  • ARCURE products integrator (

We are also open to partnerships in research and development in machines safety.

You can download our Machine Safety brochure here pdf

To contact our machines safety department :