The biggest asset of ENICO is its highly qualified people.

The expertise of our specialists includes:

  • Real-time viscosity measurement
  • Control of texture, reactions, and mixing times for batch processing
  • On-line mixing and emulsion preparation (roto-stator)
  • Transition detection
  • Dosage management for mixing
  • Dilution systems
  • Water pre-treatment and filtration systems
  • Mix preparation tanks
  • High-shear mixers
  • Various pumping applications
  • Instrument selection
  • Recipe-based production processes
  • Production reports
  • Traceability (21 CFR part 11)
  • Programming and integration of recipe management systems
  • Integration of mixing and dosage management systems
  • Mixing management interfaces
  • Data bases (Access, SQL, Oracle)
  • Production report generation
  • In-place cleaning systems
  • Vision systems for detecting out-of-specification products
  • Pilot-plant product development

We are also open to research and development partnerships to create leading-edge solutions in cosmetics.

To contact our cosmetics department :