The biggest asset of ENICO is its highly qualified people.

The expertise of our specialists includes:

  • Programming and integration of recipe management systems
  • Integration of dosing and mixing management systems
  • Production management systems
  • Modernization of packing and unpacking lines
  • Production and filling lines
  • Mixing management interfaces
  • Recipe transfer interfaces
  • Crusher control
  • pH analysis and rejects processing systems
  • Data bases (Access, SQL, Oracle)
  • Generation of production reports
  • Conversion of whey into protein powder
  • Chilling and pre-processing systems
  • Fermentation and recipe management systems
  • Manufacture and sorting of products
  • In-place cleaning systems
  • Conveyor synchronization systems with laser printer
  • Vision systems to detect out-of-specification products
  • Refrigeration control systems
  • Centrifugal chiller control systems
  • Integration of weighing systems for finished products

We are also open to research and development partnerships to create leading-edge solutions in food and agriculture.

To contact our food and agriculture department :